Leadership Kindling

By: Julia Hark *Content Warning: This post includes general discussion of eating disorders, trauma, and suicide. Please prioritize your own wellbeing first. When I talk about my trauma, I am not undoing. I am not begging for pity. I am not shredding scrapbooks of sins or […]
If the common thread across the generations is that everyone can localize the cause to their own life, geography, or preferred media, then we are lucky to be alive with the most creative tools to localize climate change in writing, audio, print, photo, and video of anyone ever.
To be an advocate isn’t just to be outspoken. It is to step back and reflect within yourself, to find ways that you can personally offer assistance to a cause.
A digital metamorphosis spread throughout the art world.  Virtual gallery tours, art lectures, courses, and activities were designed to make us feel as (or more) connected than ever. 
When you mentor someone, often they are teaching you as much as you are teaching them. The ripple effect is real. As a leader and mentor, my sincerest desire is that my actions have some kind of ripple effect for good, however big or small.
At times, the language of my discipline doesn’t connect with the lived experiences of students, and their professional goals. I KNOW how the content relates, but translating “how” has been a pedagogical struggle. An answer could be found in the skills and behaviors cultivated from participating in peer feedback.